Prices and Packages

We can book you in with an ALOKI tutor for one off lessons or single lessons each week. However, If you wish to save money and the headache of booking and paying for your tutor each week, we can arrange a package option for you with one of our highly qualified and experienced tutors.

*Most of our tutors charge between $40/hr and $100/hr depending on their experience level, qualifications and demand. Our goal is to the find you the best tutor based on your learning needs.

5 Pack of Lessons From


5 hours of tutoring included

Savings between: $10 - $66

5% off entire package

10 Pack of Lessons From


10 hours of tutoring included

Savings between: $40 - $70

10% off entire package

20 Pack of Lessons From


20 hours of tutoring included

Savings between: $160 - $350

20% off entire package

Our Guarantee

If you are not satisfied at any point with the tutor or your experience after selecting a package option with ALOKI, contact us and we will refund you the balance of the package, OR find you a more suitable tutor to complete the remaining lessons with you.

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